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Do This Around Meal Time and Lose Fat – Part 2

By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | October 20, 2017

Senior Nutrition & Wellness: Last weeks part 1 focused on cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, protein, and almonds. Hopefully, you’ve given these dietary additions a try and will slowly start seeing some positive results. Being able to change your habits over the long term will make your weight loss more consistent and sustainable. Hopefully, you found the pointers helpful and in this week’s part 2 we’ll keep examining a few more tricks you can implement to seamlessly consume fewer calories or get a more favorable response from the food you eat.

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Pushing Too Hard Can Put a Senior’s Safety at Risk

By Brian Perruccio | October 16, 2017

It’s really easy to want to do everything for yourself. When teenagers graduate high school and head off to college or their own full-time career, get their own place to live, they celebrate their freedom. There’s no one to tell them what they can or can’t do. There’s no curfew. It can be a wonderful…

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Do This Around Meal Time and Lose Fat – Part 1.

By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | October 13, 2017

Senior Nutrition & Wellness: Counting calories can be tedious, inaccurate, and not the solution for weight loss for some people. Most everyone would like to lose a few or many pounds for health, vanity, and various reasons. Most people are successful in the short term and then slowly regain their lost weight. The key is to find a deeply ingrained habit that aligns with your fitness goals. Making changes to your daily routine can be hard and most interventions don’t stick for the long term. Having to rely on motivation to reach your goals is not a long-term solution. Motivation fades over time and that is where a solid habit will keep you on pace.

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Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | September 26, 2017

Senior Nutrition & Wellness: Strength training is very important for all populations and especially for seniors. Getting older can make a lot of chores and daily tasks a lot more difficult due to a common decrease in strength. There are many ways that you can fight this decrease in strength, maintain as much independence as possible, and live a much more fulfilling life. Staying strong makes everything easier. Walking up the stairs, taking the trash out, buying groceries, fixing things around the house, helping friends move, cleaning up your house, and so on and so on. This is directly affected by how strong and physically capable you are.

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3 Great Exercises to Help a Senior Recover from a Heart Attack

By Brian Perruccio | September 15, 2017

Surviving a heart attack is a wonderful thing. For every minute a person suffering a heart attack doesn’t get assistance, it can dramatically reduce the chances of survival. So, when somebody has come through on the other side of a heart attack, it doesn’t mean they are safe and out of the woods. The older…

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How Fiber Will Make You Healthier

By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | September 12, 2017

Senior Nutrition and Wellness: Most people know that fiber is very important for your health. The most commonly heard benefit from fiber is that it helps keep your bowel movements regular. This is very important, however, fiber has many more effects on your body. It can help you lose weight, fight off colds, control blood sugar, improve cholesterol, and increase satiety after a meal.

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